Audit & Assurance

Statutory and External Audit

We conduct the audits adhering to the latest International Auditing and Accounting Standards. Our approach includes analysis of business performance against management objectives, evaluation of business processes, assessment of business risks and comparison with industry standards.

Internal Audit

Internal audit is an essential tool of the management used to continuously monitor and control the working of the organization. An internal audit by an external professional firm like ours, helps to achieve the optimum result as we have the required knowledge and professional competence as well as the independence to evaluate and report impartial findings. Our approach includes,

  • Analysing key processes, procedures & operation.
  • Identifying key controls in each such operation, procedure & process.
  • Evaluating the adequacy of these controls.
  • Testing compliance of sample transactions against these controls.
  • Reporting results of the evaluation of controls and testing of transactions.
  • Recommending stronger controls wherever necessary.
  • Suggesting methods to improve compliance with key controls.
  • Follow up of action taken on recommendations made in previous reports.
Internal Audit

Our aim is to provide cost effective but efficient professional services to the business community .