Business Consulting

Project Reports & Feasibility Studies

We at ALYAH associate ourselves with the operation well before a business takes shape. Our involvement begins with the business idea, study of the idea and prepare a project report that helps in determining feasibility of the idea.

Reports and information are unique to each business and it goes without saying that relevant information that matters will be included in each project report prepared by ALYAH.

Our Feasibility Study includes:

  • Setting up accounting procedures.
  • Identifying financial accounting software & it’s implementation
  • Accounts updation on periodical basis
  • Supervision & review of financial accounting records.
  • Forecasts, budgets and projections.
  • Financial reporting.

Experts in UAE Courts

We are registered Experts in U.A.E. Courts in all the stages of judiciary in the accounting, financial & banking fields. In this field we have served both as Experts appointed directly by the Courts or as Experts to support any legal case.

Business Liquidation Service

We provide liquidation services for all entities - limited liability companies, free zone companies and offshore companies in UAE. We also assist in the preparation of Board resolution, power of attorney, audit report, liquidator’s statement etc., which are mandatory documents required for liquidation.

Our aim is to provide cost effective but efficient professional services to the business community .